Supreme Commander

Apart from having a funny title, SupCom is a brilliant game. It’s appeal? The scale, ferocity and difficulty of the combat. The actual map is massive, and you can have literally thousands of units on screen at once. It’s rather taxing on your PC, but hey, that’s why I upgraded.

The main problem with Supcom is that you can’t just launch in and play it like any other RTS. It has a steep learning curve, and the most important part of waging a war is the economy. Yes, the economy. You need to make sure you have enough of both of Supcom’s 2 resources, energy and mass, that your rate of consumption of these two resources does not exceed the speed in which they are generated, and on top of all this, you need to defend them.

And this is where SupCom wins back many, many points. The base-building is a joy, you can maximize the efficiency of certain buildings by placing other structures around them, and the range and variety of building options is staggering.


Pretty much every battle looks like this.

Pretty much every battle looks like this.

There are radars, walls, factories, energy generators, mass extractors, energy to mass generators, AA turrets, ground defence turrets, naval turrets, sonar, artillery, air staging platforms, energy storage, mass storage, quantum gateways… the list goes on.

In one skirmish I played, I spent 30 minutes creating the perfect base, all buildings with maximum efficiency, turrets all over the place… it was beautiful.

But unless you have a strong base to supply, manufacture and refuel your units, you will inevitably fail. However, the combat looks and feels great. Bullets and lasers never go through scenery or other units, which I learnt when I built an artillery emplacement to close to a cliff, and it immediately blew itself up, becuase it’s barrel couldn’t reach high enough.

It’s these touches that make SupCom a joy to play.

Oooohh.. particle effects.

And the screenshots.


4 Responses to “Supreme Commander”

  1. I can’t spell or pronounce your website’s title properly.
    Just thought i’d put it out there.

    I was going to get Supreme Commander but then I thought, naaaaaahhh…. And I got World In Conflict instead. Speaking of WiC I’m going to play now!

    I reviewed a cheese toastie. People warned me and laughed at my face, BUT LOOK AT ME NOW

  2. Little Green Man Says:

    SupCom looks nice, but I can’t bring myself to get it. Maybe after Christmas.


  3. I built a new PC and was so happy that this game would work with it, it looks epic, and it epic to play. Though you do have to be in the mood for an RTS to play it, I mean REALLY in the mood for one, its long. though you can never tire of giant robots killing other giant robots, you just can’t. Think of it as an anti-peggle. It is in no way ‘casual’ at all.

  4. Very true Peter. You also have to be willing to shake things off and keep fighting. I spent half an hour last night building 500 units, but neglecting to keep them under shields. Then the enemy AI launched a nuke at my base, and my entire army.


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