My friend’s blog!

Hey everyone, my friend, ViewX, just updated his blog, so let’s all give him a round of applause! And if he’s reading this, ADD ME TO YOUR GODDAMN BLOG ROLL. Seriously, us solo bloggers need as many views as we can get, to help us forget out lack of friends in real life, so if you’re a solo blogger *coughpoisonedspongecoughchrisevanscoughtomfranciscoughchrislivingston* I think we should band together and frequently advertise each other.


3 Responses to “My friend’s blog!”

  1. Yeh! Ive added you, Roadrunner and Tom Francis already, as well as some less gaming blogs!

    Add me to your blogroll if you wish.

  2. Hey peterd, I didn’t know you added me 😀 What is your blog, so I can add you?

  3. Cheers, Peter, I’ll add you right away.

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