An utterly brillitant webcomic

No, not Cyanide and Happiness.

It’s xkcd.

The utter beauty that these stickmen drawings can create, the hilarity, and the thought provoking philosophy is fantastic. Amusingly, my level of art is the same as the author’s.

Clicking the comic below will take you to the site.

Bunch of rocks


6 Responses to “An utterly brillitant webcomic”

  1. I found this site sometime in the past few months via another blog and spent several hours going through the entire archive of these comics, they are awesome though, so it was worth it.

  2. I find it very interesting how he mixes maths, which is purely based on fact, with theoretical philosophy.

    And it’s hilarious.

  3. That’s not funny, that’s just jargon.

    Atleast it’s not as bad as Control Alt Delete.
    I don’t want to begin on how shit CAD is.

  4. No, this one is specifically philosophical, but alot of them are funny.

    And please do begin, that comic is almost as shit as Russel Brand. It explains the punchline in the first 10 seconds, then spends the next 2 hours explaining it some more.

  5. Correction for you- it points out the punchline in the first panel, spends the next 2 hours explaining it some more, and writes more text in one speech bubble then in my entire History exam at school.
    (Which I got marked badly on because i’m too good. Literally. Apparently I don’t work at GCSE level I work at A-Level and that’s bad.)

  6. So I’ve heard.

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