A short post

A short post I wrote for Viewx:

So, to start off my career as a contributor to ViewX, let me do a short review of Rage Against the Machine, and one of it’s typical songs.

Beginning: QUITITNOW!!!

Midddle: bow-chick-a-wow-wow


Moving swiftly on from that tangent (I’m a master of those)….


Seriously, it tries to be novel and replace button-mashing with stick waggling, making everyone look like Boris Johnson flailing his arms around like a wacky-wavy-inflatable-arm-flailing-tube-man. It has awful, awful, awful graphics, and even worse games. Seriously, have you people ever played Red Steel? And have the devs ever heard of aiming?

Let’s face it, wii sucks.

End of. Watch this video if you don’t believe me, and bask in Yahtzee’s hate of consoles.


2 Responses to “A short post”

  1. Dont get me started on how annoying red steel was. The pointless forced sword fights when i had a frigging shotgun in my hand! not to mention the crap aiming the other games are crap too, I dont want exersize I want to be happy!

  2. Atleast Guitar Hero 3 was good.

    oh wait, that came out on every single other console.
    But I did enjoy Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3 and Zelda. All the other games on it suck, especially Super Smash Bros Brawl which is the biggest let down of the century.

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