Big News!

Today 2 marvellous things happened;

1st of all, I did some GCSE science modules which went very well, and there was a misprint of the hardest paper so we all got 20 extra minutes.

2nd of all, and far more important than my future, CALL OF DUTY ARRIVED! Actually it arrived yesterday, but I may as well mention it here. It seems like a welcome return to WWII but still can’t compare to the first (3) games. By the way, when I say the 3, I don’t mean COD 1, 2 and 3, I mean COD 1, united offensive, and 2.

Just to clear that up…. I’ll post more thoughts once I dive into multiplayer.


Ok, ok, I’ll review it soon.


3 Responses to “Big News!”

  1. Ive never played any of the Call of Duty games and im not sure why, maybe I have ample FPS atm.

    Nice on on the science modules btw.

  2. Oh, and make sure you watch the new episodes of south park. They’re not as racist and offensive, so they’re back to thier nice satirical way….almost.

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