Call of Duty review

Ok, time I got round to reviewing this. I’m at level 30 on the competitive multiplayer, and I’ve finished the single-player campaign on Hardened. Which is actually quite a feat. The COD series have been known to be punishing, but this latest incarnation of glorious WWII is ludicrously hard in parts.

The reason?

Grenades. Although you can throw them back, they’re ridiculously overpowered and even more deadly in multiplayer, where your oponents will “cook” the grenades. That is, to hold onto the grenade for few seconds, so it’ll go off the moment it lands.

Not only that, Treyarch have insisted on using the “waves of respawning enemies” mechanic that made the earlier CODs annoying. They’ve also used the “regenerating health” mechanic, which seems completely obsolete compared to Far Cry 2’s field surgery.

I completely preferred the Russian side of the single player campaign to the American side. What Treyarch have managed to do is sum up that artifical patriotism for Mother Russia that Activision did so well in the first two CODs, and when you stagger forward on top of the Reichstag, wounded and bleary-eyed, and plant the blood-red flag for the Motherland while your Sergeant pats you on the back is incredible….

…Maybe I should have put a warning of spoilers in that paragraph. Ah well.

The American side of the campaign, on the other hand, is like COD forgot all that made it so great and just copied off Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. The story line if rubbish, the enemies seem cliched, and the level design annoying.

The weapons are much chunkier and budda-budda-budda-ier than COD4’s sleek weapons, but personally that suits my taste. It’s far more manly to kill a nazi up close with a thompson, than kill a genero-terrorist from long range with an M16.

Annoyingly, Treyach have copied the multiplayer aspect of COD4 where everyone picks from the same pool of weapons, so nazis run around with japanese rifles, and russians hold american shotguns. 

They also included perks, and I’m sad to say that Martyrdom makes an unwelcome return. Even worse, the grenade doesn’t make a noise when they drop it. However, there is a new perk which counters Martyrdom and grenade cookers by resetting the fuse of thrown grenades, and people in last stand second chance can now be revived.

PC players also now get prestige mode, where you reset your level and unlocks in return for a new custom class slot and bragging rights. I look forward to getting to the tenth. Anyway, this means COD now has a much longer playing value, and it’s very addictive.

You may have noticed I haven’t talked about co-op, because it doesn’t work. At all. Hopefully a patch will be released, but currently I would warn you against buying it if you have visions of glorious co-op. I’ll update this post if the situation changes.

So, in conclusion, it’s a successful transition from modern to WWII, but with a few hiccups in singleplayer and co-op. Still, it’s the only game about which I can say I’ll join any server, come top of the scoreboard and have an incredibly fun time. Seriously, that’s what years of playing COD 2 on a single server against the best of the best gets you. Anyway, I strongly recommend you buy this if you’re an FPS player, or someone who wants to play one game for a long time.

I’ll be posting screenshots soon.


6 Responses to “Call of Duty review”

  1. I disagree with your view on the healing system of CoD5. I much prefer the Call of Duty regeneration health mechanic over the FC2 annoying-find-a-place-to-hide-while-your-health-drops-dangerously-low-and-tap-h-as-much-as-possible-to-pull-a-spike-out-of-your-chest-to-heal-without-any-other-effects-such-as-gangreen.
    Too many hyphons.
    Meanwhile, I seem to kill the most zombies on every L4D server, but theres a link between my highest kill scores- and my highest damage taken scores.

  2. I had an awesome idea for a mod that would change FC2’s healing system, but that’s now been tossed into the bin as the game is unmoddable.

  3. I think Far Cry’s system has some merit between being fun and realistic, not perfect though.

    It feels odd that the devs broke the trend of the games with CoD4 yet scurried back to the old layout of the game. The formula is good, so why change it? But there are too many similar WW2 FPS nowadays, if you going to do one, you really have to make it stand out.



    Notice how i revert to my primal insticts of leetspeek when starved.


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