Vague update

Hey, I haven’t posted recently as I’ve been a bit busy (playing COD), but I thought I might do a little update. I’m not doing much currently, I’ve pitched an article to The Escapist, and been enjoying their forums a lot, as l337 speek is banned, and most people are polite and helpful. I also thought I might boast about how good I am at COD by posting a screenie with me at the top of leader boards with 92 kills, but the file type of the screenshot means I can’t post it on wordpress. Sadface.

Anyway, my lack of stuff to do means you’ll be treated to a few more posts soon, and I’ve been frequenting the cinema recently, so expect some movie reviews as well.


2 Responses to “Vague update”

  1. Good to have you back, well done on CoD and btw, it appears ViewX has been deleted.

  2. Yeah, Viewx finally admitted his grammar sucked, so I deleted his posts and will be removing his link as well. How’s your blog coming along?

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