W. review

Verdict: Meh.

Josh Brolin; not as cool as Javier Bardem.

I assumed this film would be a funny-but-accurate film about Bush’s evil reign over America, but it turned out to be a vaguely-unfunny-and-inaccurate film about Bush’s evil reign over America.

The thing about political films is that they must be balanced to be accurate, and the fact that this is a film purely for lefties like me means it loses its edge.

In case you’re wondering, yes I’m a dirty liberal, but I’m suspending those views for the purpose of this review.

Frankly, I hate Bush. However, he was elected once (the second time, by the way) by the people of America so surely there’s at least something good about him. In W., the entire film is just caricaturing republicans and politicians, throwing some lame jokes that didn’t get much more than a chuckle from me.

Oh yeah, and the actress who played Condolezza Rice is annoying as hell. Only see this film if you have an intimate knowledge of American politics, or want to see a vaguely-unfunny-and-inaccurate film about Bush.


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