On “new” Facebook

People should stop complaining about facebook. They should stop making groups about it, and they should definitely stop scheduling events about it.

I’m talking about ‘new’ facebook, which is the latest version of the ever-popular social networking site. I never saw the old version, but someone told me about it. It was just a reformat of each person’s profile page. There are dozens of groups whining at facebook to bring it back, and this essay is dedicated to telling them to STFU.

Millions of people use facebook. For free. And that’s the key thing, you’re not paying. If you paid for it, or were a share-holder, you would have every right to complain, as you’re paying their wages, but the thing is, it’s free. Facebook provides its features to you, the user. It is a privilege, not a right to use facebook. It is a commercial internet group that runs it, not you.

You are abusing that privilege by complaining. Say you go to a resteraunt, and you order a meal, and the waiter says its “on the house.” You dislike the meal, leave some constructive criticism, and say you hope it’ll be better next time.

You do not bitch and moan, form an anti-resteraunt group, recruit thousands of people and boycott it. Why people don’t understand this, I have no idea.

If you want your precious profile page in the format you want it, go join myspace, for fucks sake. Don’t ruin everybody elses fun.

Suggestion to facebook: delete all the profiles of those who have joined the “old facebook” groups.

And if you are one of these people, and a thought comes to your mind, that thought being “freedom of speech”, I have a little shock for you.

Freedom of Speech doesn’t exist. Yeah, I said it. Don’t believe me? Walk into a school and call a teacher a bitch. Go on a plane and yell “hijack”, go up to a black police officer and call him racially inferior. Then get back to me on your “freedom” of speech. Note: I’m not trying to get too political, as that would be aside from the point. I’m also not a libertarian, by the way. I don’t believe in the above examples being allowed, so don’t send my hate mail.

The thing is, facebook is a privately owned and run website. It’s not like wikipedia, where everyone contributes. You do not contribute to facebook. You do not own facebook. You do not pay for facebook.

And you certainly don’t benefit facebook by forming stupid, pointless groups. Here’s an idea: stop using it. Yeah, you heard me. If you dislike it so much, why are you still on it? If you still want to socialise, use skype or MSN, or something like that. In fact, what about the phone? Whatever happened to that little peice of technology?

Thanks for reading, if you disagree leave a comment (with grammar, or I’ll delete it cos I own this blog so I have control your freedom of speech), and if you actually did stop using it in protest, please note this hate essay isn’t aimed at you.


4 Responses to “On “new” Facebook”

  1. peterd102 Says:

    People love a good moan, really. This is why you are moaning at moaning people, everyone is happy.

  2. Your logic is undeniable.

  3. I didn’t know you had a wordpress blog too =]

    I think I’d have to disagree with you on the whole ‘you-aren’t-allowed-to-complain-about-facebook’ front. I personally like the new facebook, but the owners obviously had the technology to keep both options available to users (ie: during the two week trial period). At the end of the day, facebook IS a commercial website and it’s within their best interests to keep their users happy. Less users= less income from advertising.

    With that been said, people won’t stop using facebook any time soon regardless of whether or not they like the changes. But at the same time, people DO have a right to complain about what they like/don’t like, because we are the reason that facebook is a success, and the people using it do pay for it, through advertising.

  4. I didn’t know you had one either.

    I completely agree that it’s us, the users, that bring commerical success to facebook, and so if people really want to make a dent, they should just stop using facebook.

    I agree with your belief in freedom of criticism, but if these people who moan so much simply continue to use facebook, nothing will change.

    I guess my point is, they’ve shown they dislike facebook, they’ve formed their groups, made events, now they should stop with the whining and simply stop using facebook. They’d make more of an impact if they did.

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