On prejudice

Prejudice is ridiculous. It’s a diluted form of discrimination, and you see it everywhere. I’m not above prejudice, in fact I’m a very prejudiced person. I hate people on the far right, and I greatly dislike people who try to convert the world to their religion.

But perhaps I should start with a basic question; what is prejudice? In this essay it means to dislike a group of people for a certain reason. I’m sure it has other meanings, but it’s the word I’m focusing on for this essay.

Prejudice is sick. People are often prejudiced against others without proper reason, or without direct experience of those other people. For example, many are prejudiced against scientology. I personally am, and believe it should be banned. But for the purpose of this essay, I’m going to try and be objective.

Prejudice leads to hypocrisy. Let’s go back to that scientologist thing. Say you’re a christian. You believe in god, you’re a regular church-goer and you believe in the bible.

Along comes scientology. It claims everyone is stressed, and wants you to join to relieve that stress. You think sure. As you slowly get more involved with it, you find out scientologists’ true beliefs. They believe in thetans, space lords dropping h-bombs in volcanoes, and suddenly it all comes crashing down around you.

…Hang on. You’re not stressed, you don’t believe in thetans or space lords, and you certainly don’t want to give your money to a cult created by a failed sci-fi writer.

Let’s go back again (I know this is becoming a bit long, but it’s necessary). You’re not atheist, you’re not agnostic, and you’re not religious. You’re interested in religion though, so you do some research. You hear about scientology, how it’s a cult and more of a commercial business than a belief.

Then you hear about christianity. They believe we’re all from 2 people who had sex in the garden of eve (so all sex is incest?), that the world is only a few years old, that a baby was born who performed miracles, and died for our sins.

…Hang on. I wasn’t alive when Jesus was born, so how could he have died for my sins? In fact, I live by my own set of morals, and believe there are no sins. Christians also believe in forgiving people. Hang on, I don’t want to forgive people. I don’t want to forgive Hitler, or Stalin or the KKK, for pete’s sake.

Well, you think. At least they don’t want my money. Correction; they ask for money each time you go to church. Go to the Southern parts of the USA and watch some of that gospel television. They ask for your money every 12 seconds.

See my point, dear reader? I’m not making stabs at christianity or scientology, I’m just making a point that you should think before you decide to have prejudice against people.

However, let me state again, I am not above prejudice. I am greatly prejudiced against some people, so don’t send me an email going “how ironic, you’re prejudiced against people also.” I think that prejudice is terrible, but know that I actually do research into groups before I reject them. I’ve had a baptism and a barmitzvah, so I know what I’m talking about when I rant about theism.


4 Responses to “On prejudice”

  1. While i agree almost every religion is nuts (save FSM), there are some small differences:

    – Scientology has a secret police (OSA)
    – Scientology has prison camps (RPF)
    – Scientology forces abortion on their members of OSA
    – Scientology does not want a little money, it wants ALL your money. Forcing you to max out your creditcard, mortgaging your house to the maximum, selling your car, etc., etc.

    And ending Scientology is something that can be done.

    Yes, Scientology is only one fucked up religion. There’s lots more of those. But you can’t fight them all. So its not prejudice. Its picking a fight that can be won.

  2. I don’t think you got the point of this post…

    I was saying prejudice can only be allowed when it isn’t hypocritical, and thoroughly researched.

    I would say you definitely did your research, but are you a theist?

  3. lordvorbis Says:

    How come it seems like all atheists are estranged, pissed off ex-Christians

    What you really lack is Faith. I pray for your soul

  4. How come all anti-atheists feel they must push their own naive beliefs upon others?

    What you really lack is logical thinking. I hope you come to your senses.

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