My article pitch for the escapist was rejected. Then again, the email did say “We appreciate your interest and look forward to seeing more from you.” So maybe I’m not terrible after all!

Then again, that’s probably an automated response thingy.


2 Responses to “Wwaaaahhh”

  1. Editors often reject you to see if you’ll bounce back or give up; that is an excellent response, and if it’s pre-written it’s certainly not automated (depends how much you said “fag”, of course).

    You could try showing a knowledge of the market, of their customer base; prove that you’re not just writing what you want to write, but what people want to read.

    The best way to think of it is that you want to be a familiar face, always bouncing back with a fresh idea. Try some other sites and print magazines if you aren’t getting anywhere with the Escapist, and like you did with Tom, ask professional writers. Lots of them love to chat if you have a serious question.

    -a fellow budding journalist

  2. Indeed. Thing is, I have NO experience in pro videogames writing. At all. I did like 2 reviews on this site, and they were both sub-par to most of what I read. And Tom didn’t reply. I was thinking about going all “keiron gillen” and doing some NGJ, but then I realised that is way too ambitious.

    Also, what, do I send a reply saying thanks for the lovely rejection, here’s another idea? Or do I just send another idea at some point later on?

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