Epically awesome blogs

So… I seem to have started a trend. Tons of people I know are setting up blogs, so I thought I might direct you to the best ones.

We have Artificial Sweetener, a blog which has great writing and is by a friend,

There’s Vicinity of Obscenity, Or Thoughts Of a Dying Atheist, another incredibly well written blog with some fantastic philosophy.

And finally we have Bearded Gentleman, a blog written by the brother of one of my close friends, with possibly the best widget ever.

Oh, and I should mention peterd102, but he’s always been on the blogroll, and a great source of everyday philosophy.


5 Responses to “Epically awesome blogs”

  1. I’ve been blogging since you were born, fool! ahahah
    thanks for the mention, it’s really nice actually being able to blogs written by people I know =]

    I want more real content from you, now!

  2. of course, of course
    essay on why the quality of gaming is going down, coming right up!

  3. Joe,
    I’m extremely sorry to say this, but Dom actually inspired me to start up a blog.
    Not you.
    Although I do love ya.
    And your blog, even if it does include all this boring game crap.

  4. thx btw!

  5. hey np

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