On debate

I love debate. I’m not talking about a debating club, or using a fancy word in a pretentious manner, I’m talking about debate; the simple joy of arguing a point or topic. Someone usually defends an idea, someone usually attacks it, and someone occasionally presents a completely differing theory or idea. The joy of debating is that you always seem to learn something. It’s rare, but I’m occasionally so persuaded by someone’s argument for something, that I defect and join them.

Out of all social interactions, it seems like I learn most from open debate, rather than discussions between loads of people just agreeing on something. Perhaps I should make it clear that I don’t like rowing or arguing, I avoid that at all costs. It’s intellectual debate, where emotions are set aside, that I enjoy.

When you debate with someone, you see a different perspective. Sometimes you’ll be persuaded, sometimes you’ll remain where you originally stood on the subject, sometimes you’ll realise the flaws in both yours and their arguments, and think of an alternative. One of the things that saddens me is the huge amount of perspectives I will never experience or understand due to simple prejudice.

I’d like to understand the mind of a racist, a homophobe, a republican or someone like that, but due to simple fundamental disagreements, my mind simply blocks off the arguments they provide. It frustrates me that I can’t understand these people, and makes me look stubborn sometimes, but I do try to understand them. It’s just that my initial opinion of them is so low, its already too hard for them to communicate to me in a way that I’ll actually be interested.

I’m kinda running out of ideas for this post, but I think I’ve summed up the basics. If I think of extra stuff I’ll update it.


3 Responses to “On debate”

  1. Haha, and again, I totally agree with you on almost everything you have said here. But I believe that the reason you, or most other people cannot comprehend a rasicts’, homophobes’, republican’s etc mind, is because you know that they are so one sided and set against your points of view that they refuse to take in anything you say that you have said to try and help yourself understand their minds, that it just becomes too bloody infuriating to try to get them to explain anything to you, and you end up walking away to try and stop yourself from hitting the person, or exploding into frustrated tears as to why you cannot seem to get this stupid, closed-minded person to try and think outside the box, to even consider that being something different may not be hideously wrong, and explaining to you why they think it IS wrong. Well, thats what I find anyway.

  2. I hope that made sense by the way 😛

  3. good point there. But then you start to think “is it my fault that they’re not willing to provide good arguments, because I myself can’t?”

    I think not, and that racists’ minds are just fucked up.

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