People who ruin games

I know there are waaayy too many of these posts on the ‘net right now, but I really wanted to vent. Sorry.

Case 1: Being called a “nub”

 I was re-reading an issue of PC Gamer a while back, and noticed in the mod section something called “hide and seek.” Half the players act like random physics-enabled objects, while the other team hunt them down. I randomly clicked on a server in Counter Strike, only to discover the server was running this very mod. I had fantastic fun for the first 5 rounds, running about with an AWP, gunning down fleeing telephones.

Then the map switched to de_dust.

I was placed on the object team, as by this time the game had winded down, leaving only me and 3 other guys. American guys. Obnoxious American guys. Now just put a “fucking” in front of that statement, and replace “guys” with assholes. Mmmkay?

Despite the fact that the mod doesn’t really work when the majority of players are on the hunter team, I valiantly joined the object team, and became a barrel. I slipped in with a few of my circular pals and waited. When an object the game lets you go third person, so I watched hunters randomly shoot a bunch of crates before one of them came over and investigated me. He pulled out his shotgun, and fired a couple of rounds, killing me.

I can live with defeat. It happens a lot in games, none more than Counter Strike. I can always win a fair match or knife fight, but frequently campers ruin the game. But whatever. I tried again, this time as a wooden-vase thingy and went on the patio right above where the hunters spawn. Despite being among my own gloriously circular kind, a hunter with an UMP fires potshots and luckily gets me.

I play a few more rounds, but then after my 5th death, the voice comms open up.

“Haha, nub.”

“You really don’t know how to play.”

I play a few more games, but am repeatedly killed, each time with this mocking. After my 8th death, I get tired and switch to the Hunter team.

“What the fuck nub, now there’s no-one on the other team!”
“How the fuck are we meant to play now?”

I spawn, auto-shotty in hand, and kill both of them. Headshots.


You see, dear readers, there’s only so much abuse I can take. Now while I can accept mocking after a funny or embarassing death, the shit these two morons were spewing sickened me. And the fact they said it in their generic American accents, and actually said the word “nub” in real speech made me want to vomit. My disconnect could be perceived as a rage-quit, but I’m pretty sure I got my point across in the end.

There will most likely be more case studies like this, as long as assholes remain on the face of the earth. And I will do my best to present them.


3 Responses to “People who ruin games”

  1. peterd102 Says:

    My Guild on Wow has banned the use of that dreaded n word. Whilst i Privatly call people on my team Idiots in TF2 when they do stuff, that is stupid, i Would never type it or say it to them mainly as i know that the things they do only seem stupid as Im better. Ive gone through those same actions before.

  2. Little Green Man Says:

    Yeah some guys told me to “F*** off you stupid D***hed” when I was playing CS yesterday. Interesting. Also I usually try to help people, by saying things like “Come this way” in TF2, or explaining tactics.

  3. We should all play some CS together sometime. I’d really like to play a match where someone doesn’t accuse me of cheating, or call me an arsehole.

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