Future Publishing: Well, not my future

I sent a query to Ross Atherton of PC Gamer for work experience, and he referred me to PC Zone, because PCG isn’t offering it. After trying to sound all slick in an email to Ali Woods, the editor of  PCZ, she found out I was younger than 18. Erk.

Nevertheless, it as just really nice how these two editors were so informative and helpful. So here’s to you, PC Gamer and Zone. Also; which one is better? They both seem incredibly similar in format, but I’m going to lean slightly to PCG, because I won one of their competitions without knowing it, resulting in me getting a copy of City of Heroes/Villains and a sexeh figurine. Maybe this harks the beginning of a new experimental videogames journalism series, in which I write about my descent into the misty worlds of MMOs.

Or maybe not. Who knows?


3 Responses to “Future Publishing: Well, not my future”

  1. haha how can you win somethign without knowing? xD That must have come as a nice suprise 😛

  2. Little Green Man Says:

    I once won a copy of Brothers In Arms Collectors’ Editio from PCG which I was quite happy about. Hmm, wish I could go to PCG for my work experience, pity. Ah well. Need to find one soon though.

  3. PCG aren’t offering WE. Sadface.

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