GCSE Module Results

I do 3 papers to start off with; one for each subject, those being physics, chemistry and biology. The maximum result for each is 50. For A* you need at least 45, and for an A you need 40. So it was with great glee I noted down my results.

P1A – 47
B1A – 43
C1A – 50

So two A*s, an A, and full marks on chemistry. Not too bad. But I’m less confident with my ISA, which is when you’re marked on an experiment.  I also don’t get the results back for the ISA, because the results are subject to moderation by the exam board. Ah well.

In other news, Cloud Cult, Mountain Goats and Architecture in Helsinki are all competing to be my favourite band. Throw some Decemberists in there, and I’m about to explode with such a difficult choice.


2 Responses to “GCSE Module Results”

  1. peterd102 Says:

    Well done! But i wouldnt bother picking a favorite band, just listen and love it. You would explode trying to make a choice, and plus everytime your mood changed youd have a different favorite.

  2. Yet my mind has a weird instinct to file these bands in order of favourity-ive-ness, so I probably will explode.

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