In Defence of Mr. Bale

So, pretty bad, eh? There’s been tons of people on forums condemning him for this, so here’s my official defence of him.

First off, the life of an actor is stressful. Bale might have done this scene over half a dozen times before this, and he specifically says this is the 2nd time the DP (Director of Photography has done it. “It”? What is “it”? I hear you ask.

When an actor does a (especially intense) scene, the crew is expected to be extremely silent. In fact, they don’t yell “lights, camera, action”, they yell “silence on set, rolling, action”, to make sure everyone is aware of what’s happening. The crew is then expected to stand still, so as not to distract the actors. The DP decided to check a light in the middle of Bale’s scene, which to be honest, certainly is amateur-ish. Especially when the DP does it, as he’s meant to be the second-in-command to the director.

Bale also could have worked for several hours before this, and it might have taken several takes to get each scene, so stress is understandable.

You might also notice the wimpy director’s voice in the background. If an actor goes nuts, it’s  the director’s job to calm them down. Having a guy that sounded as patronising as that probably would have pissed me off as well.

EDIT: Here’s a remix.


7 Responses to “In Defence of Mr. Bale”

  1. haha I agree, I dunno what the big deal is really- it must be intense working on that a movie of that standard, and anyway, surely that’s the sort of explosive energy they pay him to have.

    with that been said, I wouldn’t really have expected such an outburst to come from him. but, I guess anyone is liable to somewhat unjustified eruptions of anger (look no further than me).

    how’d your house captain speech go? =]

  2. pretty good… i did of course mention you, and got a few laughs.

    when are you gonna do your first blogcast?

  3. superman815 Says:

    I’ve heard this isnt the first time he has done this. Still pretty funny some recorded it all and put it on the net.

  4. nice, you find out who got it on monday right?

    maybe this time next week, depending on whether or not I get a webcam for my birthday- might be a regular youtube thing actually, we’ll see though =]

    did you read about his recent apology?

  5. no i havent heard about it. link please!

  6. That’s a surprisingly good apology. I laughed at the director’s explanation of being a wimp though.

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