Jade Goody should get off my TV screen

Awakening surprisingly early this morning, I wandered into my living room and flicked on the TV. It was on Sky News, and I settled down to watch it for a little. Another story on the economy and then it came to Jade Goody. She’s being christened with her children today. So what?

Why should I care about her or her children? I think it’s tragic she has cancer, but what’s with the media craze? She is one person, and there are literally millions of other cancer-sufferers out there dying of exactly the same illness. So why is there a media craze on just one person?

And not even for the right reasons, either. Scoffing at the story, I remembered a conversation with my mother a while back. She said Jade needs the money from the publicity for her children. I said they still have a father, and she pointed out he’s in jail.

Rightly so. He attacked someone 2 years younger than him with a golf club, backed up by a friend. So the Goody family has no money, and Jade is making money for them. But even a small amount, less than a million, would be able to afford them a standard of living comparable to the majority of the English population for several years.

So she’s married to a violent fool, has publicity for no reason, and is now earning money for no reason. She hasn’t donated anything to cancer research, hasn’t asked her fans to do that either. She’s selfish, and has sympathy because she’s dying.

But this highlights the messed up media we have in Britain. Its sensationalist crap. Every day there’s a story like this on the news, every day time is wasted on news channels which could be used for real news, important issues.



2 Responses to “Jade Goody should get off my TV screen”

  1. Little Green Man Says:

    Good, someone agrees about this. I also hate the fact that she and her children/husband have been branded saints for being with her. She was a racist not too long ago and he’s not exactly a pinnacle of human achievement either.

  2. Agreed. Everyone seems to forget this, but just because you’re dying doesn’t mean you’re not a racist.

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